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Man attacking another man - what is simple battery in Georgia

A battery crime is a type of criminal charge that involves one person causing physical harm to another without the victim’s consent. It is considered a violent crime and can range from minor assault to more serious felonies such as aggravated assault or domestic violence.

Battery is a crime that is usually charged with assault. Where assault focuses on the attempt to cause harm, battery instead focuses on the physical harm inflicted. Battery is traditionally a misdemeanor charge although it can be escalated to a federal crime in certain situations.

A Douglas County battery defense attorney can establish a viable defense against battery charges, even using the victims' own offensive or abusive language to effectively justify some simple battery charges. When this approach fails, efforts must be taken to show that the defendant in fact did not commit the crime, or that the case cannot be tried because of another reason such as a court error. Howard and Arca Attorneys at Law has built a solid reputation throughout Metro Atlanta for providing superior-level criminal defense to those who have been charged with all levels of battery.

What is Simple Battery?

Simple battery in Georgia is defined as the physical contact with another person, either directly or indirectly, without the consent of that person. Examples of simple battery include hitting, slapping, punching, grabbing, and pushing. It is important to note that for an action to be considered simple battery, it does not have to cause physical harm or pain; merely touching someone without their consent is enough to qualify as simple battery.

Georgia Battery Penalties

Both simple battery and battery are misdemeanors punishable by up to a year in jail with enhancements that may increase the sentence to 5 years. Aggravated battery may be charged in cases where the accused is suspected of maliciously causing harm to another through rendering a body part useless, or by disfiguration. The most serious battery charges are punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

How to Get a Simple Battery Charged Dropped in Georgia

Getting a simple battery charge dropped in Georgia can be difficult and complex. However, a few strategies may help you achieve this goal. The first is to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can present the best case for why the charges should be dropped or reduced. Your attorney will work to build a strong defense using evidence such as statements from witnesses, photographs from the scene, and other documentation. Additionally, if you have no prior criminal record and/or acted in self-defense, your attorney may be able to argue for a lesser sentence or dismissal of charges successfully.

Contact a Douglas County battery defense lawyer if you have been charged with battery or simple battery in Georgia and need a strong lawyer to advocate your innocence.

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