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Federal Kidnapping Charges, Penalties & Convictions

Kidnapping is a federal crime because the commission of this crime involves the abduction of a person, either for ransom or reward money. There are a wide variety of factors that may play a role in determining whether a federal charge can be applied. Some of the most common violations include transporting the victim across state lines, using the mail in the commission of the crime or a kidnapping that occurs within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States to name just a few.

Kidnapping charges are met with the full force of the federal government's justice departments and other law enforcement agencies that can be of use. The keen insight of an experienced Douglas County criminal defense lawyer is critical to the success of any federal kidnapping defense.

The penalty for kidnapping is extremely harsh with convictions imposing open-ended prison terms including life sentences. If the victim is killed as the result of a murder or manslaughter, then the death penalty becomes a possibility. Kidnapping may also be charged alongside other crimes such as assault, robbery, or sex crimes like rape and sexual battery.

The potential for multiple long-term sentences is high in these cases, given the fact that kidnapping penalties themselves are so harsh. These are all reasons to seek the most efficient, organized and skilled attorney available, because failing to do so may leave your future in the hands of a less capable, less proficient representative who cannot deliver your charges.

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Howard and Arca Attorneys at Law is a highly-specialized law firm that has successfully helped clients throughout West Georgia to face their criminal charges in court. The firm has enjoyed achieving favorable results by working closely with their clients, conducting diligent and focused research of the case and executing customized criminal defense strategies that are designed to pinpoint the prosecutions' weaknesses and capitalize on them. The attorneys at Howard and Arca Attorneys at Law have one primary goal: achieve the best result possible.

Clients throughout Douglasville, Smyrna, and Carrollton and throughout Metro Atlanta have seen their charges or penalties minimized as a result of their skilled legal defense, with some even reaching not guilty verdicts.

If you have been arrested for the abduction of another person, contact a Douglas County kidnapping defense attorney with experience.

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