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What Is A Crime? | Paulding County Criminal Defense Lawyer

OCGA 16-2-1 outlines the definition of a crime as follow:

(a) A “crime” is a violation of a statute of this state in which there is a joint operation of an act or omission to act and intention or criminal negligence.

(b) Criminal negligence is an act or failure to act which demonstrates a willful, wanton, or reckless disregard for the safety of others who might reasonably be expected to be injured thereby.

If you are charged with a crime it is important to hire an attorney who understands the state must prove all the elements of a crime. Some of these elements include intent, jurisdiction, and in act that constitutes the crime. If all those elements are not proven by the State in the prosecution of the case then the defendant should not be found guilty of the crime as charged. It is the obligation of the defense attorney representing the client charged with a crime to show the district attorney that they cannot prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt .If this is done many cases will not go to trial but will be negotiated prior to trial . Hire a Paulding County criminal defense attorney from the Howard Law Group to help you with your case.